Polymer Makedown Systems

to 10 gph / 37.9 lph
to 150 psi / 10 bar

Manual & Dry Contact System Features A single three position control switch provides for automatic polymer makedown in “Run” mode and allows the operator select “Flush” mode to run only clean water, along with the “Off” position. A “Prime” button activates only the neat polymer pump. The Dry Contact remote control option allows for Run/Stop function with automatic flush cycle from a simple contact closure.
Automatic Features Controls include main power “On/Off” and “HOA” switches for the neat polymer feed pump and the inlet water solenoid valve. Optional controls for mixer “HOA” and mixer timing included with the mixer option. Day tank “Batch” level control has optional ultrasonic or conductivity rod level sensors.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Open access system means easy servicing
  • Proportion control
  • Proprietary mixing with Static Blending System
  • Consistent and repeatable makedown control

General Specifications

Elastomer Material Available
Tank Mixer Available
No Mixer, Propeller Mixer - 75 RPM Fixed Speed Motor, Paddlewheel Mixer - 75 RPM Fixed Speed Motor, Propeller Mixer - VFD Motor (45-135 RPM), Paddlewheel Mixer - VFD Motor (45-135 RPM)
Primary Makedown
Static Mixer Proprietary Design
Incoming Water Flow Rate and Regulator Available
0-5 gpm Less Pressure Regulator, 5-10 gpm Less Pressure Regulator, 10+ gpm Less Pressure Regulator, 0-5 gpm With Pressure Regulator, 5-10 gpm With Pressure Regulator, 10+ gpm With Pressure Regulator
Makedown Control, Manual Control Single Three Position Control Switch, Automatic Control - Conductivity Level Control or Ultrasonic Level Control
Product Options
  • Neat Polymer Injection Pumps
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Conical Bottom Tanks
  • Automatic or Manual Controls
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