MicroVision Boiler

The MicroVision Boiler Controller is configured specifically for boiler water control featuring a reliable temperature compensated conductivity probe, 5 output relays with selectable timers, scalable 4-20mA output to report conductivity, hall-effect and pulse water meter inputs and digital drum levels or a flow switch.

  • Simple Programming - Factory preset to operate in timed sample mode right out of the box
  • Easy installation and easy to use
  • Reliable Conductivity Probe - Temperature compensated for accurate readings
  • Selectable Sampling Modes - Continuous / Timed Sample / Sample & Hold, 5 output relays
  • Selectable timers
  • 5 digital inputs
  • 4-20mA output
  • Heavy duty enclosure

General Specifications

NEMA 4X / IP65
Conductivity Range
0-20,000 μS/cm
Power Input
90 VAC - 50/60HZ - 5A, 250 VAC - 50/60 HZ - 5A
Controller Display
Selectable:, Pulse, Limit, Percent, 28 Day, Cycle
5 Output Relays - 1 powered for motorized ball valves or solenoid blowdown valves / 3 powered for chemical metering pumps / 1 dry contact for remote alarm, 4-20mA Output - Isolated / Scalable
5 Digital Inputs Total, Drum Level, Dry Contact Water Meter, Hall Effect, Boiler Interlock
Selectable Sampling Modes
Continuous, Timed Sample, Sample and Hold
Programmable Inputs: Drum level - Dry contact water meter - Hall effect - Boiler interlock, Selectable Timers: 28 day - Pulse - Limit - Percent - Cycle, 5 Output Relays, 4-20mA Output
Product Options
  • Prewired
  • High Pressure Flow Assembly
Flow Control Valves
PULSAtron Electronic Metering Pumps
Sample Coolers
Valve Packages
Water Meters

Sensor Specifications

Sensor Type
Temperature Compensated
Sensor Temperature
392⁰F / 200⁰C Max
Sensor Pressure
250 psi / 17 bar
Sensor Saturated Steam
210 psi/14.4 bar
Sensor Cable Length
Selectable Length, Max: 150'/45.7m
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